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"LeftTube is growing a great community"

Photo: ytb-prtsc
The slower pace at which LeftTube has been developing is affected by the standard issues of the left – the limits of academia, internal divisions and scepticism towards "alienating" and highly individualised media such as YouTube. LeftTube, which is still evolving, is a good reminder of how the left can pave out a different course of action and be fun at the same time. "Many people do get their news from Facebook and YouTube completely, so sharing information online and working on educating and agitating the masses is important. But we can’t forget organizing", says Mexie, the YouTuber behind the eponymous channel.

Ljevica u cyberspaceu

Foto: Pixabay + H-Alter
U kontekstu rasprava o strategiji i taktici ljevice, internetska promidžba nepravedno je zapostavljena tema. Na sporiji razvoj lijevog YouTubea utjecale su već standardne boljke ljevice – akademizam, unutarnje podjele i prozivke zbog stvarnih ili izmišljenih ideoloških zastranjenja, te skepsa spram "otuđujućih" i visoko individualiziranih medija kao što je YouTube. Desna online propaganda u međuvremenu cvjeta, a opasnom ju čini njen potencijal za vlastitu daljnju reprodukciju. LeftTube, koji se još razvija, dobar nam je podsjetnik i na to da ljevica može biti zabavna.

Intellectual conformity in the age of Internet

Photo: Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News
Angela Nagle, author of Kill All Normies: Online culture wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the alt-right: "I was interested in how the new right wing movements emerging from forums like 4chan had the aesthetic sensibilities of the countercultural left and how the new online cultural left had the sensibilities of something more puritanical and humourless. Some people tried to claim that I was 'attacking the left' but in fact the book is attacking those who constantly try to destroy the left from within."