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Foto: Damir Senčar, Hina<br>

They’ve arrived...

Such an opportunity does not come often. Let's open the possibility to have as many of these people stay here, integrate, enrich us with their millennial culture. No, it’s not fortunate that they want to go to Germany. It’s not good news to hear that they don’t want to stay with us. What are we, lepers?
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Greece has triggered political change in Europe

Kostas Loukeris, member of the Executive Secretariat of Ecologists Greens: The crisis in Greece is multifaceted. It is economic, political, even a crisis of values. Political elites have been reproducing themselves, always hand in hand with their entrepreneur friends. A full stop has to be drawn to massive corruption, to tax evasion, to exceptions for the few and the stick for the many. Greece needs a new paradigm which can only be served by new political personnel.