Marina Kelava 15.04.2014.

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Marina Kelava Prošloga su tjedna ukinute ili reducirane brojne domaće željezničke linije koje povezuju sela u odumiranju s gradićima u odumiranju. Međutim, ministar prometa Siniša Hajdaš Dončić nije se tom prilikom posuo pepelom ni ponudio ostavku.

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Ride for your Rights!, European Tour

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Ride for your Rights! It's time to (ex)change your life is a movement which calls out to every person living on this multicultural and exciting continent. Organizers see it as our fundamental right and necessity, to be active and mobile students of today's world.

A special Pan-European and very exciting cycling tour through 12 European countries will take place from the 3rd of July till the 15th of September. Students from all over Europe will support the idea of student mobility and strengthen a peaceful and tolerant society in Europe. Education is the most potent answer to bring about a tolerant and respectful society. Europe's future relies on citizens who will respect human rights and banish prejudice, hatred and racism. It is imperative to enable the continent's youth to experience Europe in all its beauty and diversity.


The members of the Student Council of Campus Europae in cooperation with Erasmus Student Networkare launching a project that will strengthen and accelerate not only the development in the sphere of European education but also cooperation among young Europeans. The paramount idea of the project is to achieve the common goals of the whole European society - less obstacles for student mobility in order to ensure rapid improvements in academic exchanges and further encouragement for student mobility. This will foster a healthy young generation which will respect, promote and live out human rights and at the same time realise the fundamental freedom of moving across Europe unrestrictedly as determined in EU Directives and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Route

The core team and an unlimited number of interested students, politicians, activists and people from public will ride from Serbia to Russia through Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland. The latter will join the team for a relevant part of the planned route. Once on the way, a wide range of additional events will take place ranging from workshops in cooperation with renowned NGOs, 'meet and greet' events with athletes, national and EU politicians and university rectors to fun events and city tours.

Who can Participate?

Campus Europae invites all active European Citizens, irrespective of age, race, sex, religion or educational background and all organisations, associations and enterprises pursuing similar ambitions to partake in this Inter-European, cross-cultural, multi-linguistic bicycle trip, stretching from Serbia to Russia and covering nearly 4000 km on the European continent. Get on your bike and ride with "Ride For Your Rights"! Any kind of support or help is more than welcome.


If you would like to join the ride for one or more full stages, or would just like to contribute to this campaign somehow, write us an e-mail to and tell us:

  • your name and age
  • your occupation (if you're a student, what's your field?)
  • your language skills (which languages you speak and at what level: beginner, intermediate, expert/native)
  • your travelling experience, including biking and camping
  • your motivation to participate
  • your contact information

Please note that this counts only as pre-registration and does not guarantee your participation. As we depend on third-party assistance, we cannot be sure how big a group we can take along with us at each stage. Once that information is available for us, we will contact you.

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